How do Crystals work

When it comes across Crystal Healing, most people tend to take it as a lore and superstition. Let’s put it in a more scientific way to explain how crystal works.

Electromagnetic (EM) Waves

As we know, human body functions through the electromagnetic (EM) waves which our brain emits. These waves control our body (physical) and our thoughts (emotion). In fact, everything on earth emits EM waves and crystals produce a significant amount of waves.

Therefore, when we hold a crystal, its EM waves react with ours and produce changes.

Chinese medicine and martial arts, it refers as Qi; in Crystal Healing, it refers as Energy.

Crystal basic function is to emit, absorb and store energies.

Taking crystal as a battery, it could provide the energy that our body needed for recovery, the energy that our mind needed to manifest our goal. It could also form an energy shield to block away negative emotions, thoughts, ill-wishes from others, as well as radiations from electrical appliances.

Crystals could absorb those disturbing energies from our bodies that cause discomforts, and negative thoughts, emotions we had which may affect us.

Hence, by replacing good natural energies from crystal, it allows us to lead a positive life and greater health.

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